“Fraser’s provides an awesome experience. Being in my mid thirties with no previous martial arts training, I was nervous about trying kickboxing. One visit changed all that. The trainers and other students have made learning new skills and getting back in shape so much fun that I truly look forward to every class!”


I’ve done several martial arts in my life and eventually took an interest in kickboxing. After a year at the first school I tried, I decided to try Fraser’s. I learned more about footwork and kickboxing fundamentals in the first three months than the entire time I was at the other school. Furthermore, the environment is fun, friendly, and challenging all at the same time. Whether your goal is fitness or competitive fighting (mine is both), Fraser’s kickboxing is perfect for anyone who is willing to train hard. I’m now going on my fourth year and don’t intend to stop!

Jason H

Kickboxing has been a positive mind and body challenge, as well as a great stress release for myself. I would recommend Frasers Kickboxing to any women wanting push themselves to another level in an outstanding sport. Chris’s experience is invaluable as an instructor.


Frasers kickboxing is a great gym because of the friendly environment.  Here you learn the importance of structure and technique. There is variety here weather you just wanna hit mits or you just want a good work out its fun for everyone. I would recommend Frasers for anyone who wants to learn a martial art or is just looking for a good way to have fun and get in shape.


“Fraser’s Kickboxing offers an awesome workout with a great group of individuals who enjoy working hard while having fun.  The instructors are patient and offer well explained techniques to show you how to learn as much as you choose and also to help you gain confidence so that you perform better.  As a woman, I was nervous about attempting a co-ed class contact sport but I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed it, what the workouts did for my body toning and how much I learned. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to work hard and has a good attitude because that’s what the current students and instructors already offer.  Try it, you will love it!”

Jacki G

Our son and daughter, ages 7 and 9, have been attending youth classes at Fraser’s Kickboxing for the past year. We are so impressed with the new skills both kids have developed, and the how much they look forward to their classes. Head instructor, Chris Fraser, has a fun, energetic approach with his young students, but balances it with an appropriate level of discipline and hard work.  We would highly recommend Fraser’s Kickboxing to any younger children looking to participate in the martial arts.

Steve and Kelly H

Chris utilizes his 15 years of teaching experience to effectively instruct my students in the science of kickboxing. From my high performance athletes to my very average 9th graders, Fraser’s Kickboxing can accommodate all levels of athleticism and really make a difference in their lives.

Bill McCrae
Maple Ridge Secondary Phys Ed teacher
Head Wresting coach since 1988